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By Population Census Office under the State Council and Department of Population Statistics, State Statistical Bureau, People's Republic of China

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E. Hiemer and X. Varelas. Stem cell regulation by the Hippo pathway. Biochim. Biophys. 005(2012). [14] B. Zhao, Q. Lei and K. Guan. The Hippo-YAP pathway: new connections between regulation of organ size and cancer. D. Pan. Hippo signaling in organ size control. Genes Dev, 21: 886–897 (2007).

Zhao, L. Li, Q. Lei and K. Guan. The Hippo–YAP pathway in organ size control and tumorigenesis: an updated version. Gene and Development, 24: 862–874 (2010). F. M. K. Hariharan. The Drosophila Mst ortholog, hippo, restricts growth and cell proliferation and promotes apoptosis. Cell 114:457–467(2003). Wu, J. Huang, J. Dong and D. Pan. Hippo encodes a Ste-20 family protein kinase that restricts cell proliferation and promotes apoptosis in conjunction with salvador and warts. Cell 114: 445–456 (2003).

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