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26 into the jjns is an idea not met with in 3 Enoch. The changing of the 3 Enoch. g. in H , ' H w . t The numbers of the angels and the 'troops' or 'g e dudim discussed ~ Dan. 7 10 This is paralleled in 3 En. 17, 35 4 6 etc. e har di-Nur or 'fiery river' (on the same Ib. Speculations on the in line with those of 3 Enoch; cf. chh. are well These scriptural basis). i8 19 21 i9 4 33 5 36 1 2 47 1 2 The fiery river goes forth from the perspira25 in our book usually "from under the tion of the Hayyop; cf.

Chapters of Sefcer HeMlop (corresponding to^ chh. i and 2 of the e present book). Furthermore he gives Ga'on S rira's responsum on the Siur Qoma (in translation): "Gott behiite dass R. Ischmael Dinge aus eigenem Kopf gesagt hatte. Wie sollte auch ein auf solche Einf alle aus eigenem Antrieb kommen Ferner ist unser Schdpfer zu hoch und erhaben, als dass er Glieder und Das ist Maasse haben konnte, wie der einfache Wortlaut besagt derartige Mensch ! aber nur die Ausdrucksweise einer Wissenschaft, hinter der grosse, und wundersame Mysterien stecken.

3-48 A, and its redaction. To this main body have been joined, in different stages, the following (a) : Ch. 48 B c the Names of the Godhead, and the interpretation : of one of these names, the 'Alcef, with regard to Metatron. The oldest part of this mystical treatise is contained in the 'Alsef-Enoch-Metatron 1 "9 This version of the Enoch-Metatron tradition which piece, 48 c in substance (vide infra on Metatron, pp. ) agrees with the Enoch. Metatron piece, chh. 3-15, seems to have been regarded as specially connected with R.

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