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Fifty two wet Day Activites gains an array of relaxing and creative activities. This enjoyable pack is perfect for kids (and their mom and dad) caught inside of on a wet day.

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The only periodical for children which was published by an AfricanAmerican was the eight-page, monthly paper The Joy. It was put together by Amelia. E. Johnson in 1887 and lasted for approximately two years until she released Clarence and Corinne; or, God’s Way in 1889. Not much is known about this magazine, but I. Garland Penn gives some information on the publication in his The Afro-American Press, and Its Editors (1891). He writes that The Joy contains “original stories and poems, and interesting items from a number of exchanges, solicited for the purpose; also, pithy and inspiring paragraphs from the writings of people of our [the Black] race” (I.

For Du Bois, young African-Americans are the hope for a better future. He underlines, though, that it is not enough to “only bring children into the world” but that they have to be “train[ed] . . ”31 He explains that “[w]ithout education we grope in eternal darkness like cats gaily and ignorantly chasing their tails. 33 In many of his editorials, Du Bois told the Crisis readers that they should not treat their children as “negligible playthings” whose education was not to begin before they entered school at five or six but at home under the supervision of their parents.

Even though this is still a remarkable number, it is far away from the “hundreds” of pieces which Sylvander wants to accredit to her (Sylvander Jessie Redmon Fauset 115). B. Du Bois, letter to Augustus Granville Dill, 29 Dec. B. Du Bois Library, University of Massachusetts Amherst. 98 Dill taught in the public schools of Portsmouth, Ohio, and in the Preparatory Department of Atlanta University, in the evening session of the Cambridge Public Schools, and was an associate professor of sociology at Atlanta University.

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