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Then all states of Γ that are unvalid in the R-sharing point of view are reached. JIΛR ,n (Ω(R)) is an n-dimensional object. Now one must integrate that these states are always unvalid. This is done by extruding this objet following the time direction (Z). This operation collects all R-sharing unvalid states of Γ . Then we get ηR = Extr Z, JIΛR ,n (Ω(R)) . All states of ηR are not valid from the resource sharing point of view. Valid states of the application are then in Ω(Γ ) but not in ηR . Theorem 3.

The selection of nodes to be removed is achieved by associating a cost with each mesh node. The Delaunay topology constraint on each mesh level not only helps to design meshes with desired geometric properties, but also enables efficient compression of the mesh data for multimedia applications. g. g. video animation). A 2D triangular mesh is initially designed on the first video object plane of a video object sequence, and subsequently tracked by motion estimation techniques. Hence, a 2D dynamic mesh compactly represents the shape and motion of a video object.

Rosenfeld. Hierarchical image analysis using irregular tessellations. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 13(4):307–316, APRIL 1991. [14] L. Najman and M. Couprie. Watershed algorithms and contrast preservation. In Discrete geometry for computer imagery, volume 2886, pages 62–71. LNCS, Springer Verlag, 2003. [15] L. Najman and M. Schmitt. Geodesic saliency of watershed contours and hierarchical segmentation. IEEETPAMI, 18(2):1163–1173, December 1996. [16] C. Vachier and F.

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