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By Vladimir V. Tkachuk

This fourth quantity in Vladimir Tkachuk's sequence on Cp-theory supplies kind of entire insurance of the speculation of useful equivalencies via 500 rigorously chosen difficulties and workouts. through systematically introducing all of the significant issues of Cp-theory, the e-book is meant to convey a committed reader from simple topological ideas to the frontiers of recent learn. The booklet offers whole and updated info at the upkeep of topological houses by means of homeomorphisms of functionality areas. An exhaustive concept of t-equivalent, u-equivalent and l-equivalent areas is constructed from scratch. The reader also will locate introductions to the idea of uniform areas, the speculation of in the community convex areas, in addition to the idea of inverse structures and size idea. in addition, the inclusion of Kolmogorov's answer of Hilbert's challenge thirteen is incorporated because it is required for the presentation of the idea of l-equivalent areas. This quantity includes crucial classical effects on sensible equivalencies, specifically, Gul'ko and Khmyleva's instance of non-preservation of compactness by means of t-equivalence, Okunev's approach to developing l-equivalent areas and the concept of Marciszewski and Pelant on u-invariance of absolute Borel sets.

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143. Let U D fU1 ; : : : ; Uk g be an open cover of a normal space X . Prove that U has shrinkings F D fF1 ; : : : ; Fk g and W D fW1 ; : : : ; Wk g such that F is closed, W is open, and Fi Wi W i Ui for every i Ä k. 144. Prove that, for any Tychonoff space X , the following conditions are equivalent: (i) dim X Ä n; (ii) every finite functionally open cover of X has a finite functionally closed refinement of order Ä n C 1; (iii) every finite functionally open cover of X has a functionally closed shrinking of order Ä n C 1; (iv) every finite functionally open cover of X has a functionally open shrinking of order Ä n C 1.

Given spaces X and Y , a map f W X ! K 0 / D K. g of compact subsets of X such that, for any compact K X , we have K Kn for some n 2 !. , for any compact K X and any open U K, we have K P U for some P 2 N . g has an accumulation point whenever xn 2 Un for each n 2 !. A space X is called a -space if A is compact for any bounded A X . , a refinement which is a countable union of point-finite families. X / such that K UK for any K 2 K. A family K of nonempty compact subsets of X is called a moving off collection if, for any compact L X , there is K 2 K such that K \ L D ;.

X / respectively). Prove that u Y 2 A˛ . In particular, if X Y then X belongs to A˛ if and only if so does Y . 199. Prove that every nonempty countable compact space X is homeomorphic to the space ˛ C 1 D fˇ W ˇ Ä ˛g for some countable ordinal ˛. Here, as usual, the set ˛ C 1 is considered with the topology generated by the well ordering on ˛ C 1. u 200. Let X and Y be infinite countable compact spaces. Y / are uniformly homeomorphic. 3 Linear Topological Spaces and l-Equivalence Given a space X , consider the family L of all continuous maps of X into locally convex linear topological spaces of cardinality not exceeding jX j 2!

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