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By Daniel A. Murray

This scarce antiquarian booklet is integrated in our targeted Legacy Reprint sequence. within the curiosity of constructing a extra large choice of infrequent ancient e-book reprints, now we have selected to breed this identify although it may perhaps have occasional imperfections equivalent to lacking and blurred pages, lacking textual content, terrible images, markings, darkish backgrounds and different replica concerns past our keep watch over. simply because this paintings is culturally very important, we now have made it to be had as part of our dedication to retaining, holding and selling the world's literature.

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Relative Cohomological Index Theories, Preprint. To appear in Advances in Mathematics. 2. Fade11, E. , Index Theory for G-bundle Pairs With Applications to Borsuk-Vlam Theorems for G-sphere Bundles, Preprint. To appear. 3. ; Husseini, S. , Borsuk-Vlam Theorems for S1-actions and Applications, Trans. Amer. Math. , 274(1982), 345-359. 4. Hopf, H. , Vber Faserung treue Abildungen der Spharen, Comm. He1vetici 11(1938), 49-61. 5. , 1972. 6. , 1966. 7. , 1978. 8. Weiss, 9. Zeeman, A proof of the comparison theorem for spectral sequences.

We take a map g : M + M which we may assume preserves the base point. g induces TIl (M) + TIl (M) which may be identified with a homomorphism ¢ : r gu : T r. 2 Proposition. There exists a homomorphism ¢ : G + G which extends ¢ such that the induced map ~ = f G/r + G/r is homotopic to g. Proof. Let r = {(x,y), y = ¢(x), x E r} = graph of ¢. We apply Mal'cev's theorem above to reG x G and conclude that there is a closed subgroup A c G x G containing r such that Air is compact and Air x R m = G x G/r.

Thus, g is On the other hand 0 and yo are in the same component inessential. 3, g ~ f, contradicting the assumption on f. Hence, the component containing 0 is bounded, so that mn/fCA), being unbourrlqd cannot be connected. D. 5. Let f : (X,A) ~ (lR n , lRn/{O}) be essential and let W be the connected component of lR n/f(A) containing O. Then W c f(X). In order to state the next result we shall need some preliminaries. Let U be an open subset of a normal space such that U is compact. m n Let f : U ~ lR and g : U ~ lR be continuous maps.

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