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By Irina Nikolaeva

The ebook is the 1st massive description of Tundra Nenets, a Uralic language spoken in Western Siberia and the north of ecu Russia. It presents a long-lasting piece of documentation of this hugely endangered language. For a language as little researched as Nenets, any element of grammar might turn out to be of power importance for the sphere of linguistics and switch out to be theoretically difficult.

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2 Nominal derivation There are relatively few nominal derivational affixes; some of them are addressed below. All nominal derivational suffixes are glossed here as N (noun). Nouns 31 The non-productive suffixes -sə- and -na- derive dual and plural nouns from a closed class of kinship terms and other relational nouns denoting humans. g. 1PL) ‘our (respective) fathers’, nʹīsʹa-nə-nʹi ‘my ancestors’. g. nʹa-sə(-x°h) xasawa-(-x°h) (companion-N-DU man) ‘brothers (to each other)’. 3SG)’, paraŋoda-yi ‘the late tsar’, nʹa-yi-mʹi (1SG) ‘my late friend’.

38 (16) Grammatical classes a. ’ (T 53) b. ’ (T 32) c. ’ Caritive nouns can be modified by attributive modifiers and determiners, but are not compatible with possessors. The caritive may occur on proper nouns, as well as numerals or action nominals but only if these are substantivized, as in (17) and (18), respectively. Caritive forms cannot be freely derived from every action nominal. ’ (18) a. ’ (T 324) b. OBJ-1PL mənc°raə-n° work-2SG In older folklore texts one can observe some kind of optional caritive concord on attributive modifiers as shown by the next example from Tereshchenko (1965), however this is not normally acceptable in modern everyday speech.

They only occur in inflected forms. 1 Primary stems Nominal and verbal stems are classified into two major types, with each type being divisible into further subtypes. The first type consists of stems ending in a consonant and includes regular non-alternating consonantal stems, as well as special subtypes where the stem-final consonant alternates with one of the two glottal stops. The second type includes vowel-final stems and consists of several distinct subtypes, depending on the patterns of alternations of the final vowel.

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