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By Michael Friedman

Starting with a disagreement in 1929 in Switzerland, Michael Friedman examines how the paintings of 3 pivotal philosophers developed and intertwined over numerous years, finally giving upward thrust to 2 very various colleges of idea - analytic philosophy and continental. the writer explores the clashes that set them aside as they constructed their very own radical new rules.

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Overcoming Metaphysics: Carnap and Heidegger 17 We cannot hide trom ourselves the bct that trends ti'om philosophical-metaphysical and trom religious spheres, which prote ct themselves against this kind of orientation, again exert a strong inHuence precisely at the present time. -From the knowledge, or, to put it more cautiously, trom the beliet~ that these opposing powers belong to the past. We sense an inner kinship between the attitude on which our philosophical work is based and the spiritual attitude that currently manitests itself in entirely ditlèrent spheres of lite.

We cannot simply discard it without, at the sa me time, distorting the rest of the Kantian framework entirely beyond recognition. 45 45. The: M,lrburg School also discards the: transcc:nde:ntal sche:matism of the: unde:rstanding in Klllt's original se:nse:, but the:ir basic move: is to re:je:ct the: thc:ory of traditional lill'lllal logic as wdl. Thus lilr Cassire:r, as we: have: se:e:n, the: re:alm of pure: formaI logic is gi"e:n by the: mode:rn the:ory of rdations, the: totality of what we: now call pure: rdation,ll structure:s, and it is in pre:cisdy this way that the: mathe:matical inte:rme:diary be:twe:e:n pure: thought and e:mpirical re:ality is the:n re:store:d via the: "ge:ne:tic" concc:ption of e:mpirical knowkdge:.

29 29. In the mid to late 1930s, in connection with his work on Nietzsche and his increasing conœrn with rc:chnology, Heidegger began to use the expression "ovc:rcoming metaph)'sics" to characterizc: his own philosophical ambitions. See fi)r example [Heidegger, 1954], written in the years 1936-41 (contemporaneous with his Nietzsche lectures). This period marks Heidegger's attempt to come to terms \Vith the tililure of his rectorate and his consequent disenchantment with the Nazi regime (in particular, \Vith its ovc:r\Vhdmingly technological character).

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