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By Neville Symington

Born of wide-ranging scholarship, a lifetime's psychoanalytic perform and deep own dedication and fight, this e-book will problem specialist practitioners within the box and all those that take a major curiosity in realizing the human psyche.

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Bertrand Russell expresses this post-Enlightenment view: The orthodox view is that, wherever two courses of action are possible, conscience tells me which is right, and to choose the other is sin. [Russell, 1946, p. 1901 However, it would be psychologically inadequate to suppose that conscience is an invitatory voice based on no antecedent occurrence. I believe that the benign conscience that bids the individual to go down Path A rather than Path B is the outcome of a mild reproach for an act that has already occurred.

We might call the hateful act instinctive and the accepting one personal and creative. Therefore the ability to decide, to choose, and to create are the prime manifestations of sanity. The man who is acting sanely is the one who thinks rather than reacts. A thought is an inner creation. And, as has been said, creative acts structure our perception, our memory, and our judgement. A s will become clear in Part U, the pattern of madness makes decision making impossible. There is a very fundamental level at which someone gives him- or herself to the project of life itself.

2In the free act there is testimony to the Absolute in our nature. The pull against the free act comes from the conditional in us. My imagined psychotherapist may still say: "Oh, well, let us admit that achievement of the free a d is the goal of psychoanalysis, or the goal of psychological develop ment, but why clog us down with all these abstruse arguments about Spinoza's ontology? " The answer is "No", for two reasons: We cannot live without an ontology. We already have one, and it needs replacing.

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