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By J. L. C. Martin-Doyle and Martin H. Kemp (Auth.)

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Dendritic ulcer is a positive indication for cauterization, which may be done with carbolic, iodine or even the electric cautery if the other two fail. The importance of cauterization cannot be too strongly stressed, for the majority of cases respond very quickly, but if not undertaken the ulcer may go on branching and lead eventually to an opaque cornea. Cryogenic cauterization of the ulcer by means of an applicator frozen with solid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen has given good results according to Krwawicz of Lublin.

V. Corneal Fistula is a rare result. The track may become lined with epithelium. vi. Intra-ocular Haemorrhage: The sudden diminution of the intra-ocular pressure may cause a rupture of any of the vessels in the eye, causing choroidal or vitreous haemorrhage. This may sometimes be profuse enough to expel the contents of the globe. vii. Purulent Iritis or even panophthalmitis may result if the organism causing the ulcer reaches the interior of the eye. Ulcus Serpens: This is the name given to a characteristic type of ulcer which tends to spread across the cornea in a serpiginous manner.

Its interior surface faces the vitreous and is continuous with the internal surface of the retina, which ends in the scalloped margin, the 'ora serrata'. Posteriorly, next to the ora serrata, is a dark pigmented zone with narrow radial striae running from the ora serrata into the valleys between the ciliary processes. Anteriorly is the pars plicata, which 45 46 A SYNOPSIS O F OPHTHALMOLOGY is overlapped by the lens and continuous with the posterior surface of the iris. This has prominent pale radiating stripes, the ciliary processes, 70-80 in number, each measuring about 1-2 mm in length and -J—1 mm in height.

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