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By Charles Dickens

This variation is written in English. even if, there's a operating Chinese-Traditional word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variations of A story of 2 towns. This version will be u

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Indeed they were at sea, and the ship and crew were in peril of tempest. For, the time was to come, when the gaunt scarecrows of that region should have watched the lamplighter, in their idleness and hunger, so long, as to conceive the idea of improving on his method, and hauling up men by those ropes and pulleys, to flare upon the darkness of their condition. But, the time was not come yet; and every wind that blew over France shook the rags of the scarecrows in vain, for the birds, fine of song and feather, took no warning.

Admitted: 被承认了的. afraid: 危惧, 恐怕, 害怕. beckoning: 招手. bench: 长椅, 长凳. built: 建了. busy: 忙, 繁忙, 忙碌, 占线, 忙碌的. conductor: 指挥者. construction: 建设, 建立, 工作, 施工. crane: 鹤, 起重机, 鹳, 吊车. dark: 暗, 黑暗, 夜. depository: 仓库. desperate: 危急, 非常的. enter: 进, 进入, 回车键, 入. exclude: 排除, 排斥, 不包括. harsh: 苛刻, 粗糙的. hoisting: 吊装, 提升. measured: 慎重的, 量过的. methodically: 有条有理地. moisture: 湿气, 潮湿. neck: 颈项, 脖子, 颈. nicety: 精密. portion: 一部分, 部份. requiring: 要求. shape: 形状, 形式, 外形, 型状, 形态, 塑造, 使成形, 成形. stooping: 弯腰. stores: 商店, 备用品. truth: 真理, 实话.

Feelings: 感情, 面子. fellow: 同伴, 伙伴. friendship: 友谊, 交谊. hesitating: 犹豫. hold: 握住, 持有, 把握, 包容, 认为, 保持. knowing: 博学的, 知道. lips: 嘴唇. machine: 机器, 机械. myself: 我自己. pass: 隘口, 及格, 传递, 度过, 要隘. relations: 关系. repute: 名气, 名声, 声誊. rub: 摩擦, 擦. sat: 坐了, 星期六. scientific: 科学, 科学的. scores: 得分. sentiment: 情绪. speak: 说, 讲. spoke: 辐条, 说了. stood: 站了. straightway: 立刻. truly: 真实地, 未免, 着实. trustee: 受托人, 保管人. trustees: 保管人. 26 A Tale of Two Cities creatures are mere business relations, when you reflect that I have never seen you since.

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