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By Barbara Ardinger

This is a instruction manual on the way to practice sacred ceremonies within the culture of Goddess spirituality in one's own residence with usual home items. An annual cycle of celebrations is integrated, as is suggestion on how you can manage an altar and use uncomplicated instruments. the writer, a practitioner of Wicca (witchcraft), expounds the life-affirming, eco-feminist values of that culture. feedback for rituals and concepts for inventing one's personal are given. Poetry and benefits combination in a name which helps get together of the Goddess photograph in lifestyle. those rituals are own, relocating rites which have fun love and peace, and which act as meditations for contemplating new rituals, outdated traditions, and the process women's lives.

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At the end, blow out the candle, put all your things into their proper places, and go on with your day. A Blessing for Our Foremothers For this ritual, first get out the old family photo albums and family souvenirs. Select photos of your mother, your aunts, your grandmothers, great aunts, great grandmothers, as many female ancestors as you can find. If you can’t find photos, select artifacts—an antique silver spoon, a cameo broach, a crumpled ribbon, a hankie, a quilt. ” Line these photos or mementos up in front of you either on a table or simply on the floor and, for a few minutes, think about what they represent.

In writing this book, I’m using a left-brain medium to approach a right-brain process, and what comes out are paradox and extravagant language. You’ll also find paradox and extravagant language in books on Zen and yoga, in books on the Sufi and Hassidic ways, in the words of the Christian and New Thought mystics, and in the Course in Miracles books. I think this fact helps to explain why most of the books on Goddess ritual are like cookbooks: it’s easier to give a recipe than to wander around in the batter.

It is simply keeping your mind focused on something. Traditional mindfulness has meant focusing on a mantra, a yantra (visual symbol), or a chant or affirmation. I have a friend, for example, who once spent several months setting the alarm on her wristwatch to go off every five minutes. Every time the alarm sounded, she said a brief prayer for her personal health and the health of the planet. That’s mindfulness. I want to enlarge this process: let’s turn it into “rememberfulness” and get rid of the alarm.

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