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By Michael Blume

This booklet teaches the fundamentals of accomplice acrobatics with kids and youths. It exhibits the reader the way to set up perform periods and organize performances. a pragmatic part offers uncomplicated acrobatic figures that experience proved to be of worth in perform.

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They must behave accordingly and cannot revert to everyday actions, have private conversations, or in some way stop participating in the performance. Often these small things are instrumental to the quality and appeal of a performance. The creative choreography and the formation of the same into a whole in effect made Acrobatics a movement art. 59 Chapter 5 Preparatory Exercises 5 Preparatory Exercises Preparatory exercises are a way of practicing important basic acrobatic skills in a simple and playful way.

Starting Out, but How? At this age, the basic techniques of partner acrobatics should not be introduced too soon. A simple version of the formation “chair” can be learned relatively quickly since it does not require a high degree of strength and coordination to balance another person on one’s thighs. The formation “flyer” provides physical challenges to the bottom person that usually cannot be accomplished right away. The person on top can only be balanced with the feet, which, in addition to good leg and groin muscle flexibility, requires the person on the bottom to have sensitivity in the soles of the feet and keen awareness and quick reaction with every shift in the “flyer’s” position.

Only then is it possible for the person on the bottom to hold this position effortlessly. Furthermore, it is necessary to develop a feel for the spinal position (see fig. 3). 33 Fig. 3: The correct neutral spinal position – neither an arched back nor a rounded back. The back should not look arched or rounded. Only then is the correct pelvic position ensure, which allows the person on top secure footing. Neither the vertical arm and leg position nor the neutral spinal position is easy to achieve since the correct position can only be monitored with a mirror or by another person.

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