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The acronym SCERTS is derived from Social Communication (SC), Emotional Regulation (ER) and Transactional Support (TS); these are the areas of development prioritized within this approach. The designers of this transdisciplinary and family-centred model stress that SCERTS is not intended to be exclusionary of other treatments or methods. It attempts to capitalize on naturally occurring opportunities for development that occur throughout a child’s daily activities and across social partners, such as siblings, parents, caregivers and other children.

Some students with intellectual disability are rejected and marginalized by their peers more often on the basis of their irritating behaviour than because they are disabled (Miller 2009). For example, the presence of inappropriate responses such as aggression, shouting, or temper tantrums makes it difficult for some of these children to be socially accepted. Intervention is needed to eliminate these negative behaviours and replace them with pro-social behaviours (Howard et al. 2010). If the student with a disability is to make friends and be accepted in the peer group, social skills training may be needed (Peterson and Hittie 2010).

The development of communication skills is given very high priority in special school curricula, and will be no less important for intellectually disabled students included in mainstream settings. Two obvious benefits of placing a child with intellectual disability in a mainstream class are immersion in a naturally enriched language environment, and the increased need for the student to communicate with others. Language is best acquired naturally, through using it to express needs, obtain information and interact socially.

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