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The data is available for the generation of a number fraction distribution but the distribution would be less readily interpreted as the extent to which recrystalization has occurred would not be as evident. How to make seeds of single crystal? Seeds can be made by: * Crushing sintered pellets and sieving the crush to obtain desired size of seed. * Disintegration of UC>2 at high temperature at >2000C in dry hydrogen UC>2 sintered pellet disintegrate into essentially single grains which can be used to seed grain growth.

Top, seed size fraction < 37 microns, bottom, seed size fraction 37-53 microns. be drawn that interference between recrystallising grains in the case of 5% seeded material, with the associated decrease in grain boundary velocity has occurred during the first sintering cycle. For samples containing the smaller seed size, irrespective of seed content, the increase in grain size during the second sintering cycle is fairly limited, which is also the case for the unseeded material. This contrasts with the situation for material containing the larger size fraction of seeds where greater increases in grain size have been recorded during the second sintering cycle, yielding the largest overall grain sizes.

The larger matrix grains will then be stabilised with respect to consumption by the recrystallising grains during growth of the latter. Thus, the size of seeds and their concentration together with the thermal cycle employed during sintering will be the factors which determine the final grain size of sintered pellets. In order to assess the extent to which a material has recrystallised it is necessary to obtain three-dimensional grain size distributions on seeded sintered pellets. These enable not only the relationship (if any) between the two-dimensional grain size and the three-dimensional grain size to be explored but reveal the required sintering times to achieve full or near full recrystallisation and the effects such factors as seed size and concentration have on microstructural development.

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