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6 MHz. Figure 7 shows the power flow and mode shape distribution through the thickness of a laminate with an adhesion level corresponding to the pummel rating of eight at different frequencies for the SImode. 0 MHz). the power flow is concentrated in the two adjacent glass layers and there is very little power flowing in the PVB layer. By increasing the frequency, the energy is transferred from the glass layers to the PVB layer. 4 MHz. the energy flow in the PVB layer is at its peak. 6 MHz as shown in Figure 7.

52 mm) The plastic interlaqer is made of a thermoplastic material. such as polyvinyl butyral (PVB). 381 mm) or more are commonly used'. Laminated safety glass for windshield applications is manufactured to improve the impact and penetration resistance against flying objects and to minimize the danger of flying glass after impact. Penetration is prevented mainly by absorbing the kinetic energy through stretching the plastic interlayer, delamination between the plastic interlayer and the two adjacent glass plates, and by fracture of the adjacent glass plates.

Consumption of large amounts of energy. Yet, to minimize the danger of flying glass after impact, delamination must not be excessive. Therefore, the best impact performance requires an optimal review of level of adhesion between the plastic interlayer and the two adjacent glass plates"*. the impact and penetration resistance of laminated safety glass is given by Huntsberger AS:rood , There exist several destructive test methods to evaluate the overall impact performance of laminated safety glass.

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