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By C. G. Jung, R. F. C. Hull, Gerhard Adler

5 lengthy essays that hint Jung''s constructing curiosity in alchemy from 1929 onward. An creation and complement to his significant works at the topic, illustrated with forty two patients'' drawings and work.

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Th e scientis t determine s th e psychologica l charac ter o f th e modern , scientifi c phas e o f socia l existence , jus t a s th e prima l father an d th e epi c poe t ha d determine d th e psychologica l characte r o f its precursors . From th e standpoin t o f th e twentiet h century , Freu d coul d loo k bac k upon wha t h e too k t o b e th e psychologica l effect s o f almos t thre e hundre d years o f scientific revolution . Wha t h e sa w wa s th e progressiv e developmen t of individua l psycholog y a t th e expens e o f th e socia l an d religiou s institu tions tha t sustaine d th e patriarcha l cultur e o f th e past .

Freud' s speculativ e abando n i n th e domain o f the instinct s wa s alread y a sourc e o f dissen t withi n th e movemen t during hi s lifetime . Thoug h hi s theoretica l activitie s continue d int o th e fourth decad e o f th e twentiet h century , the y remaine d withi n th e framewor k of lat e nineteenth-centur y romanti c biology . Lamarckia n evolution , Fechner's law , Fliess' s theorie s o f sexua l cycles , th e 'bio-genetic ' doctrin e that 'ontogen y recapitulate s phylogeny' , thes e erran t principle s themselve s now look , eve n t o th e Freudian , lik e narcissisti c projection s o r 'secondar y revisions' impose d upo n th e dat a i n orde r t o provid e a n intellectua l contex t satisfying t o th e mind' s sens e o f coherence.

Th e paranoid , w e shal l see , i s a perso n wh o has reverte d t o th e 'omnipotenc e o f thoughts ' tha t onc e belonge d t o th e whole o f humankin d bu t tha t th e majorit y hav e no w renounced . It i s probabl e tha t Freu d imagine d animis m a s alway s coexistin g wit h some typ e o f fathe r mytholog y o r totemism . H e recognize d i n it , neverthe less, a full y develope d socia l narcissism , an d considere d religio n t o b e a transformation fro m ou t o f it . I n religion , me n transferre d th e 'omnipotenc e of thoughts ' fro m themselve s t o thei r go d (88) .

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