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By Kollar J., Lazarsfeld R., Morrison D. (eds.)

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E. x2M Tx? M 6D ;. To be full is not really a restriction for submanifolds M of the Euclidean space Rn since we may always consider the smallest affine subspace that contains M . Contrary to that, there are many submanifolds of the pseudo-Euclidean space Rp;q that are contained in an affine subspace that is degenerate with respect to the inner product but not in a proper non-degenerate one. This is also the case if one restricts oneself to extrinsic symmetric spaces. As far as normality is concerned, Ferus proved in [24] that extrinsic symmetric spaces in the Euclidean space decompose into a product of an affine subspace and a normal extrinsic symmetric space.

L; Âl ; 0/. Then the bundle projection p W T N ! N is the simplest example of a special affine fibration over N . l;  l /. We now want to construct special affine fibrations that correspond to quite general quadratic extensions in the same way as p W T N ! l;  l ; 0/. l/ \ lC / and Âl0 is induced by  l . 8. l;  l / be a proper Z2 -equivariant Lie algebra. l;  l /-module. g; Â; h ; i/. We assume in addition that at least one of the following two conditions is satisfied: (a) M is simply connected.

2/ D fŒH; X  D 2Y; ŒH; Y  D 2X; ŒX; Y  D 2H g; lC D R H; l D spanfX; Y g pqr 0;n 2Cp q .  l ; Âa /. Z; l/ al g. Z; l/ D a g. Z; l/ D al 6D 0g ! l;  l ; a/0 ˛ 7 ! Œ˛; 0 (9) is a bijection. Let us now determine a suitable set Anl; l . Let . l;  l ; a/0 6D ;. l/ D R Z. Hence, can be considered as a semisimple representation of the abelian Lie algebra l , which is determined by its weights. Moreover, we know from (9) that al D a0;1 or al D a0;2 . For D . l n 0/p and 0;pCq D . l n 0/q we define a representation ; of l on ap;q C ˚a p;q 0;pCq p;p 0;2q with R ˚R .

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