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Perversions and borderline states have been, by chance of destiny, Masud Khan's leader preoccupation in his medical paintings over the last 3 a long time of his lifestyles. In an previous quantity, The privateness of the Self, he awarded what he referred to as the usual and personal crystallization of his event along with his sufferers and lecturers; particularly, within the latter class, Anna Freud, John Rickman and D.W. Winnicott. during this later e-book he's taking his cue from Freud who, as he says, clinically determined the disorder of Western Judaeo-Christian cultures when it comes to "the individual alienated from himself".Masud Khan's uncomplicated argument, succinctly said in his Preface, is that "the pervert places an impersonal item among his wish and his associate. This item could be a stereotype delusion, a equipment or a pornographic photo. All 3 alienate the pervert from himself, as, lamentably, from the thing of desire".With its wealth of medical and theoretical insights, Masud Khan's Alienation in Perversions makes a tremendous contribution to our realizing of perversion formation. Its impact extends a long way past the non-public self-discipline of psychoanalysis, for the topic explored is one that happens commonly in glossy existence and literature. The concluding bankruptcy on pornography makes the purpose tellingly.

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I should point out that none of the patients had sought treatment because of these polymorph-perverse body-experiences. T h e y were not consciously aware of their significance or necessity for them. O n c e over they tended to regard them as ego-alien and dissociate or repress them from their self­ image. O n l y through analytic work were these patients able to report truthfully and significantly about these body-intimacies of a primitive type. I a m stressing this because though, I a m sure, all of us have seen such material i n our clinical practice, it has not been discussed as such.

W h a t 47 ALIENATION IN PERVERSIONS has held up a clarification and assimilation of this most valuable paper of Freud's into our clinical work and theory is that Freud at that time was conceptualizing entirely in terms of the intrapsychic situation of the infant. Today, I think, given the researches of ego­ psychology and infant-care techniques, we are better equipped to handle this issue. ' I t is now feasible to postulate that at the start just as structurally there is undifferentiated ego-id, similarly, i n terms of instinctual energies, there is also a n undifferentiated capital of aggresive, libidinal and ego-energy.

E. over the anal and urethral phases. F r o m my clinical experience it seems that though these mothers continue to sponsor auto-erotic experiences they have acute problems of shame and guilt vis-a-vis the cruder body-experiences. I n certain cases I found that the mother's very permissiveness was because the mother had de­ cathected her own involvement with the happenings. Seduction at this level is through sponsoring excessive displacements from pregenital libidinal processes to ego-processes, functions and defence mechanisms.

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