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By Laszlo C. Bardos

From leading numbers to paraboloids, this choice of initiatives proves that studying arithmetic can nonetheless be enjoyable. Introducing young children to the sweetness and beauty of the topic via hands-on actions, this consultant demonstrates the way to build a geodesic dome sufficiently big for an individual to sit down in, resolve the world’s toughest two-piece puzzle, cross a immediately line via a curved slot, and amaze others with the mysterious Möbius strip. Emphasizing how arithmetic may be encountered in way of life, this interesting reference highlights the hidden styles in snowflakes, cleaning soap bubbles, or even the smooth curves of the Golden Gate Bridge. referring to quantity styles, strains, curves, and shapes, each one task contains attractive proof, vocabulary developers, and connections to different themes. With a better half web site that includes video directions for a number of tasks in addition to extra actions, this academic exploration turns the paintings of numbers into an event for all.

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The remarkable thing about these spirals is that you’ll find a Fibonacci number of them. For example, on a pine cone, there may be 8 spirals turning in one direction, and 13 turning in the other. On a pineapple, you might be able to find three sets of spirals: 5, 8 and 13 of each type. The next time you see a pineapple or a pine cone, see if you can find their spirals. Look again at the drawing of sunflower seeds. There are more spirals than the two kinds you colored. See if you can find other spirals in the drawing.

A cone and glue (or tape) the tab to the other edge. Cut out the circle and ellipse from the second template. Place this template on the cone in different orientations to see how it cuts a cone into the different conic sections. Circle Pa r ab a Hy Ellipse 52 la bo r pe ol ❂ Paths The old German town of Königsberg had seven bridges connecting two islands and the shores of the river Pregel. Leonard Euler, the great mathematician, was given the problem of determining whether it was possible to take a walk that crosses each bridge only once.

Determine where on the ground the ends of your “raft” lie, and then start flipping. If your coin shows “heads,” take one step forward. If your coin shows “tails,” take one step backward. Depending on the outcome of your flips, you may end up in the “water” sooner rather than later. It is more likely, however, that you will move back and forth for a while. Since your steps are random, this is called a random walk. 58 · 58 · 58 · 58 · 58 58 58 · 58 · 58 · 58 · 58 MATH This may sound like fun and games, but to mathematicians it is serious business.

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