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To John the Chamberlain. Eatly 642. (648D) Maximusspeaksof Georgestraight off ; thenbeginningonce more (as in ep 44) to enumeratehis virtueshe breaksoff with the remark that ali this (6a9A)is containedin the former letter and another writing. Again the requestto intercedefor Georgewith the emperors,urging them to give no heed to malicioustongues. The beareris a young but prudent man. t. Malicious tongues. This is the first hint at any causefor George's similaris indicatedat the beginningof ep 16,whereMarecall.

Leuled aql pau8lsar pEr{ snqr -JId 'Itg Jaque^oN ,ualrF sr BJIJJVut lu^ill? d must be made. Theodore brought no other dispatch g. u"r. had not irlformed him of the affair that John teiy manifestshis 1:erplexity policy (to favor the irnplied of This, and change messenger. by the same presumptive is strong evidence that the letter was Severians), the outright a forgery. No modern historian has made this supposition;it seemsto me however the only hypothesisthat will allow for all the strandsof evidence.

Pe isaskedtosupplyfromhisknowledgewhatthebriefexplanationco not makePlain. qtvaq1 ,snuod ? ru ^i(qqFoI pelluJ ueeq a^eq ol suaas Jepel slql 'ov-v}g 'lslrqc dq ut s! to;;adns puu lsatrd pale^al drair b5;oag o1 V dI 8? tuso3 ol qloq tsut:ra1 Jrelc s! ll 'alBJnJO? -... ^lrr luql u! s! alocusrtor-1Another passage { sicusin Gregory Nazianzenthat tent itself to a Monotheliteinterpretation( ,/ (2338 237C). In third placecomesHonorius'letterto Sergiusof 634 (seei* EF{ 1058,59; Mansi ll,538f). This interpretation he confirmsby the reports of Anastasius, then coming to Africa, who had madeinquiriesat Romeas to the senseof this letter.

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