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By David M. Rothwell

This booklet is a practical textual content designed to let the reader to exploit the database INGRES, with the minimal volume of attempt. It offers the basic beginning for changing into both a professional consumer of the method or learning database layout. Combining a realistic procedure with a theoretical figuring out, this article permits the reader to turn into expert in INGRES and to appreciate what gains are getting used and why.

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Note the check boxes on the right of the toolbars. They are fairly self-explanatory, apart from “Enhanced”, which we will examine later. The box at the top of the upper pane, labelled “Location:”, identifies the directory containing the database you are working with. You can switch to another directory by clicking on the little button to the right of the box, labelled with three dots (…). 3. Type the following into the lower pane: output 2+2 ; Execute what you have typed, either by clicking on Evaluate (F5) shown at the bottom of the window or by pressing F5.

It is just an expression, denoting a valuein this case, a relation. In a relational database language the result of a query is always another relation! 11 in the usual tabular form. 11. 11: x WHERE is the key word identifying the Tutorial D operator of that name. This operator operates on a given relation and yields a relation. Certain operators, including this one, that operate on relations and yield relations together constitute the relational algebra, covered in detail in Chapter 4. x CourseId = CID('C1') qualifies WHERE, specifying that just the tuples for course C1 are required.

From number 7 onwards they involve constructs introduced in Chapter 4. You might prefer to wait until you have studied that chapter but on the other hand a little hands-on experience might help you to understand that chapter when you come to it. 1. Start up Rel's DBrowser. DBrowser is the general-purpose client application provided by Rel for evaluating Tutorial D expressions and executing Tutorial D statements entered by the user. 2. Familiarise yourself with the way of working and the things you can do in Rel.

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