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By Allan J. Sieradski

This article is an creation to topology and homotopy. subject matters are built-in right into a coherent entire and constructed slowly so scholars should not beaten. the 1st 1/2 the textual content treats the topology of entire metric areas, together with their hyperspaces of sequentially compact subspaces. the second one half the textual content develops the homotopy classification. there are various examples and over 900 workouts, representing a variety of trouble. This e-book might be of curiosity to undergraduates and researchers in arithmetic.

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64 (of Case 3 in the proof). Any regular skeleton of genus zero with all but one regions monogonal is a simple pseudo-tree. 2 The counts Our immediate goal is to describe the automorphism groups of admissible trees and simple pseudo-trees and to count the number of such trees. We express the results in terms of the so-called Catalan numbers. 32 Chapter 1 Graphs Digression: Catalan numbers (see [36, 96]) Recall that the n-th Catalan number C(n), n C(n) := 2n 1 n+1 n 0, is given by = (2n)! (n + 1)!

In the orbifold Supp◦t S, consider a collection of disjoint neighborhoods Uv of all vertices v with r = codeg v > 1. In each neighborhood Uv , perturb |S| to a new subgraph |S| disjoint from v and connect v to its new copy v by an orbistick Ir , disjoint from |S| except for the basepoint 0 identified with v . 25 (2), can be modified, locally in each neighborhood Uv , to a strict deformation retraction Supp◦t S → |S| ∪ Iri , which establishes a homotopy equivalence. Let S := H\Gt be the skeleton as in the statement.

Chains We use the concept of inflation to introduce the notion of chain, which is to replace that of walk in the combinatorial study of the fundamental group of a skeleton. The 18 Chapter 1 Graphs advantage of this approach is the fact that closed chains can almost be regarded as elements of the stabilizer Stab S, thus establishing a relation between the groups Stab S and π1 (S). 42. 32. A chain in a bipartite ribbon graph S is a walk in its inflation Inf S. Alternatively, a chain is a pair (e, w), where e ∈ Edg S is an edge of S and w is a word in the alphabet {x, x−1 , y, y−1 }.

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