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By Dakshina Ranjan Kisku; Phalguni Gupta; Jamuna Kanta Sing

''Preface the distinctiveness of the physiological and behavioral features of people is used to facilitate the id or verification technique, and it usually leads to right class. although, the designated evidences got from someone don't warrantly a a hundred% matching to be played to the biometric features reminiscent of one other topic, even after contemplating all Read more...

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Therefore, P (A3 /A¯1 ) ≤ P (A2 /A¯1 ) + P (A3 /A¯2 ) = 2−L + 2−L ′ ✷ With help of Lemma 3, we can prove that the probability that D(c′1 ), D(c′2 ), . . , D(c′n ) is not a permutation of D(c1 ), D(c2 ), . . , D(cn ) but ′ t n n knowledge of ( i=1 c′ iπ(i) / i=1 ctii )1/N is no more than 2−L + 2−L where L′ is the bit length of challenge in the ZK proof in [53]. Theorem 3 guarantees that if the shuffling verification is passed, the plaintexts encrypted in the output ciphertexts are permutations of the plaintexts encrypted in the input ciphertexts with an non-negligible probability.

Paillier encryption [83] or modified El Gamal encryption [67, 68]) with reencryption function RE() and decryption function D() is employed for encryption in [86]. , shared by multiple parties). The shuffling node receives ciphertexts c1 , c2 , . . , cn and shuffles them into c′1 , c′2 , . . , c′n as follows. 1. Group size k is chosen, which is large enough for privacy requirement. For simplicity of description assume that k is a divider of n. 2. c1 , c2 , . . , cn are randomly divided into n/k groups G1 , G2 , .

K is satisfied is no more than 1/q without collusion of all the previous j − 1 servers and at least two users in a same group on Aj , assuming DL problem is intractable. ✷ When a conspiracy of all the previous servers and at least two malicious users is available, attack against correctness is more difficult than in S-Mix-1. As the grouping function is dependent on vj,i for j = 1, 2, . . m and i = 1, 2, . . , n, if at least one server is trusted to generate them randomly, the grouping on any server is random.

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