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One other Phenomenology of Humanity: A interpreting of A Dream of purple Mansions is dedicated to constructing one other model of phenomenology of humanity—human nature, human tendencies and human desires—by taking A Dream of crimson Mansions, the crown jewel of chinese language tradition, as its major literary paradigm of representation. The model of phenomenology of humanity at factor is a synthesis of the Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist and Western existentialist phenomenological bills of humanity—for instance, what's humanity, what make people as human, human nature, human emotions, human wants, 3 middle human existential pursuits, and 4 simple difficulties of human lifestyles.

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Fate declares its omnipresence in human existences. How best to respond to fate, that is the question! BURDEN OF EXISTENCE: AUTHOR, OWNER, AND GUARDIAN Everyone’s existence is a matter of fate. ” in existence. Everyone will have had his/her own introduction to fate. For the protagonists Lin DaiYu and Jia BaoYu in A Dream of Red Mansions, it came by the way of love—the love that occupied their whole bodies and souls and summarized 38 Chapter 2 them as man and woman. They were man and woman of seven feelings (love, hate, sadness, joy, fear, anger, and belonging) and six desires (desire for comfort/pleasure and avoiding discomfort/pain, desire for life and for avoiding death, desire for happiness and avoid suffering, desire for security, desire for physical intimacy, and desire to express oneself), endowed with the nature to love as man and woman.

4 THE CHINESE CONCEPT OF FATE As anything else, a self begins as the special awareness that s/he had a past, has a present, and will have a future. His/her awareness of his/her fate is a further self-awareness that s/he is situated in a web of causality of his/her past, present, and future in human existence. ” 6 Of historicality, Heidegger said, “‘Historicality’ stands for the state of Being that is constitutive for Dasein’s ‘historizing’ as such. . In its factical Being, any Dasein is as it has already been, and it is ‘what’ it already was.

W. F. Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1977), 11. 2. Victor Hugo, William Shakespeare, trans. McCLURG and company, 1906), 295, 302. 3. , 37. 4. , 307. 5. G. W. F. ). Glenn Gray and intro. by Tom Rockmore (Indianapolis: Hackett, 1997), 29. 6. Hugo, Les Misérable, 564, 808. 7. 29. In this volume, while I will use the Chinese text (of the novel) mainly, the English translation of the novel that I will use and consult in this volume is: Cao XueQin, A Dream of Red Mansions (Beijing, China:: Beijing Foreign Language Press, 1994).

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