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By Sir Edward Burnett Tylor

Anthropology: an advent to the learn of guy and civilization. 512 Pages

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6 [ciiAr. notwithstanding their form and colour, appear intermarrying and forming crossed freely capable of every races of combination, such as the millions of mulattos and mestizos sprung New World from the mixture of Europeans, and native Americans this again points to a in the Africans, common ; ancestry of We may the races of man. all accept the theory of the unity of mankind as best agreeing with ordinary experience and scientific research. ever, the means As yet, how- are very imperfect of judging what man's progenitors were like in body and mind, in times before the and Tatars, and Austra- forefathers of the present Negros, lians, had become separated into distinct stocks.

Thus, in examining following tools, it will chapters contain be seen how the rudely chipped stone grasped in the hand to hack with, led more artificially shaped stone chisel fitted as a wooden handle, how afterwards when metal came in there was substituted for the stone a bronze or iron blade, till at last was reached the most perfect modern foresters' up to tlie hatchet in a axe, with its steel blade socketed to take the well-balanced Specimens such as those in Chapter VIII. show these great moves in the development of the axe, which began before chronology and history, and has been from the first one of man's chief aids in civilizing himself.

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