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By I. Burban, Yu. Drozd, G.-M Greuel (auth.), Ciro Ciliberto, Friedrich Hirzebruch, Rick Miranda, Mina Teicher (eds.)

An up to date document at the present prestige of significant examine themes in algebraic geometry and its functions, resembling computational algebra and geometry, singularity concept algorithms, numerical ideas of polynomial structures, coding conception, verbal exchange networks, and laptop imaginative and prescient. Contributions on extra basic facets of algebraic geometry comprise expositions with regards to counting issues on forms over finite fields, Mori concept, linear structures, Abelian types, vector bundles on singular curves, degenerations of surfaces, and reflect symmetry of Calabi-Yau manifolds.

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If Y is. \' if the minimal model of Y is an Enriques surface, or equivalently if its irregularity is 0 and all odd (resp. even) plurigenera equal 0 (resp. 1); bielliptic if the minimal model of Y is a bielliptic surface. Recall that bielliptic surfaces have irregularity I and split in several families: the m-genus is Pm = I for all m multiple of 2 (resp. 3,4, or 6) and zero otherwise. For standard definitions in surface theory see (Barth, Peters and Van de Ven). e. if its branch curve C C jp'2 is not reduced) then the normalization v : Xv -+ X induces a double covering Xv -+ J1D2 (branched along the reduced curve obtained from C by removing even multiplicity components and reducing odd multiplicity components) that is clearly birationally equivalent to IT.

Fori = 1. ,kandv(F+D j ) ~v(F), forj= l, ... ,h which yields (iii), since for any curve A we have 2(v(F +A) - v(F)) = 2A·F +A2 -A ·Ks and applying this to either A = Ci or A = D j and using the proved part of (i) gives F . C ~ 0 and F . D j ~ O. Since F, C and D j are actual curves on S, we must have F . Ci = F· D j = O. Finally we have: dim 12CI = 0, for i = 1. ,k, hence v(2C) ~ O. for i = 1, ... ,k. This reads: 2C} ~Ci·Ks, fori= l,·... ,k, which, together with c1 = c, . Ks forces C1 ~ O. This finishes the proof of (i).

Later Averbuh proved that an Enriques surface is birationally equivalent to a surface that is a double plane with such a branch curve, which is a weaker result than the above statement. In order to achieve this classification result, we show that an Enriques double plane is characterized by the following conditions: IA + Ksl = 0, Pa(A) = 0, IB + 2Ksl is a single rigid curve and IB + mKsl = 0 for m > 2. Regarding bielliptic surfaces, it is easy to show that the bi-genus must be I (therefore only two of seven families of bielliptic surfaces can be double planes) and one gets the following result: 22 A.

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