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By Bruno Huber

Point trend Astrology presents the most important to a brand new holistic interpretation of the horoscope. the final trend of the facets finds the constitution and easy motivations of an individual's realization. greater than forty five particular point figures are pointed out, every one with a unique which means. This publication offers a scientific creation to the sensible use of this technique, utilizing many instance horoscopes and diagrams. no matter if you're an astrological amateur or an skilled astrologer, point styles provides rapid major revelations approximately your self and people. point trend Astrology was once researched and constructed by means of Bruno, Louise and Michael Huber on the Astrological Psychology Institute (API) in Adliswil close to Zurich, over a long time of session and instructing paintings. This publication is now certainly one of seven volumes to be had within the English language describing the Hubers' unique and sensible method of astrological psychology. This e-book is a simple reference paintings on astrological psychology - each severe scholar must have one!

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The third Sephira. Schechinah is of course the Divine Presence manifested in the path of Malkuth. ] 33. But in one balance are they equiponderated. (The balance denoteth the male and the female; and the meaning is, that the fetters I, Yod, and H, Heof which the former is masculine and referreth to the path of the foundation; and the latter is feminine, pertaining to the queenare interchangeable; since whilst the equilibrium existeth there is an intercommunication between them, and they are joined together as one.

Like as it is written, Jer. xxxii. , where there is a cohesion of the connecting links (that is, in the word AHH, Ahah , those two HH, He's, are combined which elsewhere are the media of the connecting path). For by the spirit is made the connection of the balanced equilibria (that is, of the combinations as well of the father and mother as of the Microprosopus and his bride). 29. (Now the author of the "Siphra Dtzenioutha" descendeth to the inferior paths, leaving out Macroprosopus, and examineth the name IHV, Yod He Vau.

And again by Gematria (see Introduction) Hoa, HVA = 5 + 6 + 1 = 12, and the digits of 12 1 + 2 = 3. And 3 symbolizes Binah because she is the third Sephira. "Seeing that V, Vau, occupies the first place in the word VIHI," because V stands for the number 6. ] 32. Then are the letters inverted, and become one. (If, namely, in the word VIHI, Vayehi, the letters I, Yod, and H, He , be placed in front so that it may read IHVI, Yahevi, it maketh one Tetragrammaton, which exhausteth the whole Divinity.

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