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By Ethel Brennan, Leslie Jonath

End your greens! turns into a word of the previous whilst young ones notice the range and deliciousness of farmers' markets. From exploring the colourful compartments to choosing produce and tasting the original flavors each one season brings, the farmers' marketplace presents a fertile playground for children and brings households jointly whereas construction fit behavior and helping sustainable consuming. on the Farmers' industry with childrens profiles the fruit and veggies on hand at so much farmers' markets, explaining the best way to inform which of them are ripe and the way to shop them. With age-specific assistance that cater to teenagers of every age, plus sixty five nutritious and kid-pleasing recipes to place your farmers' industry spoils to exploit, this cookbook makes it effortless for everybody within the relations to consume healthfully and stay good.

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Carers and educators may even feel obliged to suppress or downgrade children’s bilingualism and impose ‘English only’ as soon as possible. ● Bilingualism has many advantages, not least being the young linguist’s marked ability to get ‘outside’ a language in some way and see it as just one of several options for labelling and categorising the world. Young bilinguals are able to explore the sounds and the meanings of several languages, as well as the differing ways of representing them in writing (Gregory and Kelly, 1992; Barratt-Pugh, 2000).

J (five years): No, they don’t eat flowers. They’re very good climbers and swimmers and jumpers, ’cause they’re black bears. ) My daddy says black people come from Africa. Wally: I come from Chicago. Lisa: White people are born in America. Wally: I’m black and I was born in Chicago. (Paley, 1981, p. ’ She was quite disgusted about the whole thing. (Jones and Medlicott, 1989, p. qxp 04/03/2007 11:06 Page 31 STORIES, NARRATIVE AND PLAY WITH LANGUAGE 31 So what is going on here? What are they all doing, these children and adults from diverse cultures?

The short answer must be that they are making sense of their experiences. Not only of things that happen to them, but also of experiences they have encountered in the stories of other people. The stories seem to be hooks on which they can hang a significant event, incident or feeling, and hold on to it and revisit it. We do go over our stories again and again; this is very noticeable in gossip, reminiscences, jokes and folk tales. This would suggest that repeating and re-assembling the events of a story is a significant way of thinking about things and sorting them out.

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