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By Michael G. Glasspool FRCS, DO (auth.)

This booklet is designed to be a pictorial consultant to ophthalmology and never a entire textbook. It contains chapters on anatomy, body structure and optics to provide an explanation for the easy components of the fundamental sciences which are had to comprehend ophthalmology. The part on exam describes the typical investigations in a watch division within the wish that reviews from ophthalmologists could develop into extra simply understood. The medical chapters signify five years of ophthalmic referrals through neighborhood relatives medical professionals in a component rural and half suburban quarter. this feature of eye ailment hence excludes a few of the infrequent stipulations, yet contains these universal difficulties which can fear not just the busy kin health practitioner, but in addition the not easy pressed clinical pupil. 7 Anatomy and body structure The feel of imaginative and prescient depends upon the integrity of a suite of inner Eye anatomical and physiological elements, a learn of which the attention comprises 3 concentric layers. The outer­ will simplify the knowledge of ocular ailment. such a lot fibrous sclera is opaque and money owed for 5 sixths of the globe. it really is persevered anteriorly into the exterior Eye obvious cornea. the center vascular coat or uveal The eyeball lies within the anterior a part of the orbit, which tract is made from the choroid, ciliary physique and iris. is nearly pyramidal suit. The bony orbital The innermost layer is the sunshine delicate retina shaped margin, which outlines the bottom of the pyramid, provides embryologically from the forebrain vesicle (Figure 3).

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The drugs in current use are idoxuridine (IOU), adenine arabinoside (Ara-A) and trifluorothymidine (F}T). Mydriatic drops are used to overcome the pain of pur>illary spasm and to prevent adhesions forming between the iris and the lens (posterior synechiae) when a uveitis is present. Steroid treatment should never be given except under the supervision of an ophthalmic department. Corneal grafting may be indicated if there is poor vision as a result of scarring. Unfortunately, further recurrences of ulceration may attack the donor cornea.

Larger aggregations of pigment may develop at puberty. The lesions may be the size of a pin head or they may occupy a large segment of the iris. No treatment is required, except observation. Malignant Tumours Malignant tumours may develop from an eXlstmg benign lesion. A sudden increase in the size of the lesion, with distortion of the pupil and spread around the angle between the iris and the cornea, indicates probable malignancy (Figure 9). Treatment is by local excision of the affected iris.

Papilloma: horny excrescence. Figure 21. Basal cell carcinoma: typical spreading ulcerating lesion with raised edges, involving margin of lid. Carcinomas Basal cell carcinoma (rodent ulcer) is the commonest malignant tumour of the skin and occurs in the middleaged or elderly. It is rare in dark skinned races, but is seen in Caucasians exposed to ultraviolet light in sunny climates. It presents two different types of lesion around the eye. The ulcerative form, which is the commonest, presents with a spreading invasive lesion (Figure 21).

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