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E. et al. 1981a. 277:2839. B:rch, D. E. et all. 1981b. ContinuumAbsorptionby AtmosphericH20. ReportAFGL-TR-81-0300 by Ford Aeronutronlc toAirForceGeophysics Laboratory, Hanscom AlrForceBase,Massachusetts. Burch,D. L. ContinuumAbsorption by H20 inthe700-1200cm"_and2400-2800cm"_Windows. ReportAFGL-TR-84-0128to the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory,HanscomAir ForceBase,Massachusetts. Kulp,T. , and J. SpectroscopicStudyof Water VaporAbsorptionin the8- to 14-1zmAtmospherlc 30 Window: Measurement of New Line and Continuum Parametersand Investigationof Far-Wing Phenomena.

C0o_ s,_, 42O 3OO 200 22O 180 ............ =_ ........ ' _....... 180220260300340380420 ObservedRux (Wm=) Rgureb. Comparison ofcalculated andobserved downwelllng iongwave fluxes. 5 1 ot 0 1 2 3 4 .............. , 5 6 Prectpltable Water (cm) Figure2b. calculated usingtheradiative transfer modelandtheexperimental soundings andusingthemeasured valuesofvaluesofFeand(oandF compared totheStephens et al. relationship. the calculationsdescribed in steps 2 and 3 above superimposed ona plotoftherelatlonshlp computedfrom the ECMWF data.

L. A physicalretrievalmethodof liquid waterovertheglobaloceansuslngSSM/I obeervatlons. J. Res. (to be pub,shed). References ,^To^s, Den',V. , R. S. Stone,L. S. Fedor,and H. P. Hanson. J. Afmos. Scl. 2783. J. Roy. Met. Soc. (to be published). Stephens,G. , A. Sllngo, and M. Webb. 1993. , A. Chedinand M. T. Cabins. A Stochastic Formulation of Radiative Transfer in Clouds G. L. Stephens,P. M. F. Evans,and D. Duds ColoradoStateUniversity DepartmentofAtmosphericScience Ft. Collins,CO80523 Introduction The reseamhconductedas part of this projectbreaks downintothreebroad areas: , detsrmlnistloradiativetransfer • remotesenslng • stochasticradiativetransfer.

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