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It is possible that they had hearts with four chambers, like humans and other mammals, rather than three chambers, like most reptiles. Brachiosaurus 34 Heart Stiff neck ending in small head Strong leg bones Q How did sauropods carry their weight? A Experts once thought that sauropods lived in water because they would have been too heavy to support their own weight. Today, they agree that sauropods were designed to carry their weight, just as elephants are. Their legs were as sturdy as pillars and their toes, which splayed out to spread the weight, were cushioned by big pads of flesh.

A There are several contenders for this title. Seismosaurus and Paralititan were both giants among sauropods, but Argentinosaurus may have been the biggest. 5 m) and its weight at 80–100 tons. It is still possible that an even bigger sauropod may be discovered. Big lungs Shoulder joint Q What does quadrupedal mean? A A quadrupedal animal, such as Saltasaurus, is one that walks on all four legs. All sauropods, and most other plant-eating dinosaurs, were quadrupedal. This was probably because the plant-eaters had large stomachs that tended to pitch their bodies forward onto the front legs, making walking on only the back legs impossible.

More Facts n Diplodocus may have flicked its long tail like a whip, causing serious damage to attackers. n Dinosaur fossils often show evidence of fighting in the form of broken bones. n Like some dinosaurs, modern iguanas have a row of spikes on their necks and backs to deter attacks from predators. Land iguana Q How useful were massive claws? A Therizinosaurus had three huge, lethal-looking claws on each hand. However, some experts think the claws were too blunt to be used as weapons. Instead, they may have been used for feeding—to pluck foliage from trees or to rip open the nests of termites.

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