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By Husaini, Muhamad; Samad, Zahurin; Arshad, Mohd Rizal; PPKEE, Pusat Pengajian Kejruteraan Elektrik Dan Elektronik; PPKM, Pusat Pengajian Kejuruteraan Mekanikal

Lately AUV improvement used to be under pressure on bettering the operation variety and time

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The question of defining parameters for pulse application to some point of the surface of a semispace remains quite complex. As has been noted previously [10], cavity growth in electrical explosion on the surface of water proceeds according to a law close to the law of self similar motion at constant energy. It seems it was pioneer work because this fact allow to introduce the energy transferred to the ground and estimate its value (perhaps somewhat arbitrarily) by comparing the mechanical action parameters of contact and slightly submerged charges.

China 2USA 1. 1 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods In fluid dynamics, there are three levels to describe the motion of a fluid: microscopic level, mesoscopic level and macroscopic level [1]. On different levels, there exist the corresponding models to represent the fluid flow. , conservation of mass, conservation of momentum and conservation of energy in the macroscopic world, in which the corresponding macroscopic variables (velocity, pressure and temperature) could be measured by using various kinds of sensor.

Therefore, the LBE method is able to simulate the complicated fluid flows such as multiphase flows, chemically reacting flows, visco-elastic non-Newtonian flows. In addition, simplified collision models are developed and used to replace the collision operator derived from the LGCA to improve both the computational efficiency and accuracy. , and Krook (BGK) was applied to the lattice Boltzmann equation and yielded the socalled lattice BGK model. , the lack of Galilean invariance and the dependence between velocity and pressure in LGCA), eventually this method was numerically found to be at least as stable, accurate, and computationally efficient as traditional CFD methods for simulation of simple single-phase incompressible fluid flows.

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