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By Yan Shen M.A.

This brand-new guide prepares scholars for a topic that has simply been additional to the complicated Placement application. Separate sections evaluate all components of the hot examination: Listening, interpreting, Grammar, talking, and tradition. every one part additionally comprises routines, and the listening and studying sections contain perform questions with resolution keys and solution motives. The e-book displays the AP exam's criteria, proposing questions in either conventional and simplified chinese language characters. full-length perform assessments are provided with resolution keys. Enclosed with the guide are 3 audio compact discs, which current spoken fabric masking the exam's Listening and talking sections.

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Indd 25 (݈༟) (催݈) (⫳⇨) (ᢙᖗ) (༅ᳯ) (ᖗ⚺) (⊂ϻ) excited happy angry worried disappointed irritated depressed 6/26/2009 2:36:28 PM 26 AP Chinese Language and Culture ྐඨ ࣋ᠾ ጹ് (␈ᳯ) (ᬒᵒ) (㋻ᓴ) desirous relaxed nervous Students should recognize the differences between actual and subjunctive conditional sentences while listening. Usually, it is not easy to understand subjunctive conditional sentences that express speakers’ opinions and attitudes. Practice with the subjunctive conditional sentence in this dialogue: [Traditional-character version] ਤ֚ऱᤃ෺ֺ᝛‫܃‬ଚᤢԱႯΛ (Woman) (Man) 㽕ᰃ៥‫ݡץ‬໮ᕫϔߚህདњDŽ [Simplified-character version] ਤ֚ऱ亷෺ֺ刐‫܃‬䣙列Ա䦫Λ (Woman) (Man) 㽕ᰃ៥Ӏ‫ݡ‬໮ᕫϔߚህདњDŽ 4.

But remember: The answer choices will often use a substitution or an explanation, rather than the key word itself. Answering these questions requires students to master a wide range of vocabulary and listening skills. Listen to the following conversation and answer the question. CD 1 Track 7 [Traditional-character version] ‫ބݺ‬Ա‫֚ת܃‬Δ‫װ܃‬ୌࠝԱ@ (Woman) ‫ݺ‬ୌࠝຟ޲‫װ‬Δ‫ݺ‬ଶࠐΖ (Man) ‫৻܃‬䈥෼‫ڇ‬թࠐΛ (Woman) ‫ݺ‬վ֚‫ڰ‬ՂጕመᙰԱΔ‫݄ړ׽‬Հଡ౰ఄऱଆᖲԱΖ (Man) [Simplified-character version] ៥ᡒњԴञ໽ˈԴএા‫ܓ‬њ@ (Woman) (Man) ៥ા‫ܓ‬䛑≵এˈ៥߮ᴹDŽ (Woman) ԴᗢМ⦄೼ᠡᴹ˛ (Man) ៥Ҟ໽ᮽϞⴵ䖛༈њˈাདതϟϾ㟾⧁ⱘ亲ᴎњDŽ 1.

No matter . . even if . . still . . even . . still . . because . . , therefore . . 6/26/2009 2:36:28 PM Listening Comprehension ࢬ‫ א‬. . ਢ‫ڂ‬㻽 . . (᠔ҹ . . ᰃ಴Ў) ᮶✊ . . ህ ҹ֓ . . ” Students can find examples for each phrase in that chapter. Distinguishing between interrogative and rhetorical questions is another key listening skill. Understanding rhetorical questions is especially difficult because the message can only be found between the lines. See the rhetorical question in the following dialogue.

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