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By Virginia Yip

I really personal the demanding reproduction yet sought after the booklet model for my ipad library for comfort. I wasn't too chuffed while i realized that every one of the textual content (though the photographs have it) didn't comprise tone marks for the 1st (high pitch) tone...rendering the e-book lifeless to any learner. To the editor: Please repair and resend or supply us again our cash!

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I-gán wúi àh? Máh gaausauh h) 11 12 Léih mh ` s((k kéuih m%%? *ng àh? Léih msái f&&an g* Are you late? (answer: no) Have you woken up? (yes) Are you sick? (no) Has he left? (yes) Have you seen me before? (no) Does she know you? (no) Has she fallen asleep? (yes) Is he resting? (yes) Is he tired? (yes) Is Professor Ma having a meeting? (no) Don’t you know him? (no) Don’t you need to go to work? 2 Choose haih or hái as required: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 † Kéuihdeih ____ Méihgwokyàhn Kéuih ____ ngóh sailóu Kéuih ____ hohkhaauh Kéuihdeih mh ` _____ H%%unggóng Ngóh ____ Seuhnghóiyàhn Go dói ____ kéuih ge *ngs(( Léih S&&ang ____ g* Ngóhdeih ____ pàhngyáuh Ngóh go jái ____ *kkéi Kéuih ____ ngóh tùhnghohk They are American He’s my brother She’s at school They are not in Hong Kong.

Yan always praise her self) Yan is always praising herself (iii) As an adverb meaning ‘by oneself’: Ngóh jihgéi máaih sung jyú faahn (lit. I myself buy groceries cook rice) I’ll buy the groceries and cook by myself )i jihgéi lám ch((ngchó Léih y((ngg) (lit. you should yourself think clearly) You should think things over by yourself Kéuih séung jihgéi jouh haih-jyúyahm (lit. 3 Answer the following questions, considering whether a pronoun is needed or not: *ng- mh-j* *ngyi H%%unggóng a? 1 Léih j* ` 2 Kàhmyaht t((nhei dím a?

2 Answer the following questions about yourself using yáuh or móuh as appropriate: 1 2 3 4 5 Léih yáuh-móuh y&&t baak m&&n a ($100)? Léih hái H%%unggóng yáuh-móuh pàhngyáuh a (friends)? Léihdeih yáuh-móuh dihnlóuh a (computer)? *ngwái a (space in your room)? Léih g&&an fóng yáuh-móuh h* *ng-wá a (time to study Léih yáuh-móuh sìhgaan hohk Gwóngd* Cantonese)? 6 Léihdeih yáuh-móuh heui-gwo Gwóngj&&u a (been to Guangzhou)? 7 Léih g&&myaht yáuh-móuh tái s&&nmán a (watch the news today)? Unit 6 31 *ng a (interested in changing your 8 Léih yáuh-móuh hingcheui jyun g* job)?

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