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The easiest rattling Cisco Internetworking booklet interval indicates readers every thing they should learn about all Cisco internetworking issues. The booklet offers an figuring out of Cisco's present VoIP options and the skill to place them to paintings. It indicates tips on how to configure all of Cisco's center VoIP items. moreover, Cisco instant applied sciences are lined intimately, together with assurance of the entire Cisco safety items.

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Common examples of Data-link layer protocols are Ethernet,Token Ring, Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI), and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP). Layer 2: Media Access Layer and Logical Link Control. Within the Data-link layer are two sublayers: Media Access Control (MAC) and Logical Link Control (LLC). The MAC sublayer controls access to the physical medium and uniquely identifies devices on the network. This protocol performs a measure of flow control. Perhaps the best-known services provided by the MAC sublayer are its addresses, such as that for Ethernet.

Cisco uses the established keyword in Access Control Lists (ACLs) to check whether the ACK or RST flags are set. If they are, the packet is part of an established TCP session. If neither the ACK nor the RST flags are set, this packet is not part of an existing connection, but an attempt to establish a new connection to the device at the destination TCP address. HTTP, SMTP, FTP,Telnet, and rlogin are examples of applications that use TCP for transport. Applications that need reliability support from the Transport layer use RPC over TCP.

Qxd 12 10/15/03 9:22 AM Page 12 Chapter 1 • Cisco Technologies, Routers, and Switches IP IP is an unreliable, routable packet delivery protocol. All upper layer protocols use IP to send and receive packets. IP receives segments from the Transport layer, fragments them into packets, and passes them to the Network Access layer. The IP address is a logical address assigned to each node on a TCP/IP network. IP addressing is designed to allow routing of packets across internetworks. Since IP addresses are easy to change or spoof, they should not be relied upon to provide identification in untrusted environments.

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