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By Ronald Britton

This booklet starts off with an exploration of the connection among brain and mind. It then examines numerous psychoanalytic types of the brain and strikes to the duty of the analyst to find the subconscious versions that form his or her sufferers' photograph of him/herself and others.

The popular types are ordinarily drawn from psychoanalytic perform yet are supplemented from myths, faith, and literature. advancements in adjoining medical fields corresponding to quantum biology and new principles approximately evolution are mentioned that recommend mobile genetic amendment can occur due to interplay with the surface global. this provides desire probably to the concept not just the brain can study from event but in addition the mind.

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It is wholly empirical; and the empiricism of one who has little experience. He had neither internal experience nor external … he lived from childhood to the age of eighty five in boyish health … he was a boy to the last. (Leavis, 1950, pp. , p. 67). In the terms I am using we could say he was tone-deaf to the voice of the herd. Trotter Trotter was very aware of our innate tendency to cluster tribe-like around any intellectual totem and he included “Darwinism” as the scriptural basis of a new herd.

1921c, p. 102) If we view ourselves as programmed by natural selection as social animals the source of this xenocidal impulse does not seem to be so obscure. It is just as much an innate characteristic of our species as other characteristics arising from our gregarious nature that we prefer to regard as virtuous, such as altruism, self-sacrifice, worship, and obedience. Despite his reluctance to see group psychology as more than an extension of individual psychology, Freud’s development of the 32 BETWEEN MIND AND BRAIN concept of the superego provides us with a perfect inner representative of the voice of the herd.

This scientific, sceptical collective also needs a basic tribal belief to feel sane and secure. This basis of scientific belief seems to be that the truth is only ever provisionally known. In absolute terms it is always just out of sight over the horizon; the hope is that we are travelling towards it. But the crucial fact is that it exists and is independent of, and will survive, all our misunderstandings. This admirable professional position can be developed and sustained when we are at work. We cannot live comfortably, however, without our natural beliefs and sensibilities, which we could call prejudices, unless like Jeremy Bentham we float through life unmoored by intuitive connections, without psychic intimacy, and free of assumptive ethical bearings.

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