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By Roy Teranishi, Ron G. Buttery, Hiroshi Sugisawa

content material: Bioactive unstable compounds from vegetation : an summary / Roy Teranishi and Saima Kint --
Conifer monoterpenes : biochemistry and bark beetle chemical ecology / Mark Gijzen, Efraim Lewinsohn, Thomas J. Savage, and Rodney B. Croteau --
unstable parts of tomato fruit and plant elements : dating and biogenesis / Ron G. Buttery and Louisa C. Ling --
Semio job of taste and perfume molecules on a number of insect species / Braja D. Mookherjee, Richard A. Wilson, Kenneth R. Schrankel, Ira Katz, and Jerry F. Butler --
Formation of a few unstable parts of tea / Akio Kobayashi, Kikue Kubota, and Motoko Yano --
Antimicrobial job of eco-friendly tea style parts : effectiveness opposed to Streptococcus mutans / I. Kubo --
crucial oils of the eucalypts and comparable genera : look for chemical traits / D.J. Boland and J.J. Brophy --
Lemon and lime citrus crucial oils : research and organoleptic overview / Theresa S. Chamblee and Benjamin C. Clark, Jr. --
unstable compounds from jap marine brown algae / Tadahiko Kajiwara, Kazuya Kodama, Akikazu Hatanaka, and Kenji Matsui --
Aroma profiles of peel oils of acid citrus / H. Tamura, R.-H. Yang, and H. Sugisawa --
hint elements in spearmint oil and their sensory evaluate / Tomoyuki Tsuneya, Masakazu Ishihara, Minoru Shiga, Shigeyasu Kawashima, Hiroshi Satoh, Fumio Yoshida, and Keiichi Yamagishi --
healing houses of crucial oils and fragrances / G. Buchbauer, W. Jäger, L. Jirovetz, J. Ilmberger, and H. Dietrich --
unstable compounds from vegetation : analytical and olfactory points / H. Surburg, M. Guentert, and H. tougher --
Cryogenic vacuum trapping of scents from temperate and tropical plant life : evidence and figures / D. Joulain --
Headspace research of unstable compounds emitted from a number of citrus blossoms / T. Toyoda, I. Nohara, and T. Sato --
unstable parts of apricot vegetation / Ichiro Watanabe, Osamu Takazawa, Yasuhiro Warita, and Ken-ichi Awano --
unstable compounds from strawberry foliage and flora : air as opposed to nitrogen entrainment : quantitative alterations and plant improvement / T.R. Hamilton-Kemp, J.H. Loughrin, R.A. Andersen, and J.G. Rodriguez --
at the smell of orchids / Roman A.J. Kaiser --
risky components of roses : characterization of cultivars in line with the headspace research of residing flower emissions / I. Flament, C. Debonneville, and A. Furrer --
Flower smell of a few conventional medicinal vegetation / E.-J. Brunke, F.-J. Hammerschmidt, and G. Schmaus.

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1975, 40, 1138-1141. Buttery, R. ; Ling, L. C. J. Agric. , 1990, 38, 2050-2053. Sefton, Μ. ; Skouroumounis, G. ; Massy-Westropp, R. ; Williams, P. J. Aust. J. , 1989, 42, 2071-2084. ; Chien, M. J. Agric. , 1992, 40, 249-252. Kaiser, R. Paper presented at EUCHEM 1987, "Semiochemicals in the Plant and Animal Kingdoms", Anger, France, Oct. 1987. Cohn, Ε. E. Naturwissenschaften, 1979, 66, 28-34. Wobben, H. ; de Valois, P. ; Timmer, R. Proc. IV Int. Congress Food Sci. , 1974, p 22-24. Schutte, L. , 1974, 4, 457-505.

Therefore, green tea can be expected to contain many precursors of tea volatiles, because the enzymatic action is stopped at an early manufacturing stage. The major peaks in black tea are presumed to be formed during the fermentation process by the enzymatic action in tea leaves from the corresponding precursor. Formation of Tea Volatiles If a non-volatile green tea extract is incubated with the crude enzymes of fresh tea leaves, some volatiles in the fermented tea should be freed from such precursors.

Semio Activity of Flavor & Fragrance Molecules TABLE Π. ) Cucumber Skin (ira/w-2-Nonenal) Cockroaches (10) Bay Leaves (1,8-Cineole) Cockroaches (7/) Citronella Oil (Citronellol, Citronellal) Mosquitoes (72) Experimental The olfactometer (79) which was employed in the laboratory screening was designed and built at the University of Florida. It is shown in Figure 4. It is a pie-type with 4 to 10 choice ports, normally run with 10 choice treatments. Treatments are made to the airstream and to surface "skins" representing an artificial host which are placed within the perimeter of the test chamber.

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