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C. Dissolution of Crystals The purified crystals were dissolved by partially purified proteolytic enzyme from silkworm gut juice (Nishiitsutsuji-Uwo et al, 1979). The dissolved crystal toxin was dialyzed against water in a plastic vessel. The precipitate in the toxin solution was removed by centrifugation. The δ-endotoxin solution was stored in a freezer until it was used. D. Assay for δ-Endotoxin Activities Confluent monolayers of TN-368 cells were obtained 3 - 4 days after subculture and were washed twice with Hanks', phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) or isotonic solution (150 mM NaCl, 230 mM KC1, or 190 mM sucrose solution).

G. ( 1 9 7 9 ) . M e c h a n i s m of i n h i b i t i o n of a c t i v e p o ­ t a s s i u m t r a n s p o r t i n i s o l a t e d m i d g u t of M a n d u c a s e x t a b y Bacillus thuringiensis e n d o t o x i n . /. E x p . BioJ. 8 3 , 2 9 3 - 3 0 8 . H i m e n o , M . , F u n a t o , J . , a n d K o m a n o , T . ( 1 9 8 5 ) . M e c h a n i s m of a c t i o n of B a c i J J u s t h u r i n g i e n s i s i n s e c t i c i d a l d e l t a - e n d o t o x i n o n i n s e c t c e l l s in v i t r o .

Bacteriol. 154, 419-428. , a n d L e c a d e t , M . - M . ( 1 9 8 3 ) . I s o l a t i o n of a D N A s e q u e n c e r e l a t e d t o s e v e r a l p l a s m i d s f r o m B a c i J J u s t h u r i n g i e n s i s after a m a t i n g i n v o l v i n g t h e tococcus faecalis Strep­ p l a s m i d p A M B l . MoJ. Gen. Genet. 1 9 1 , 3 0 7 - 3 1 3 . , R i b i e r , J . , K l i e r , Α . , a n d L e c a d e t , M . - M ( 1 9 8 4 ) . A t r a n s p o s o n - l i k e structure related to the δ-endotoxin g e n e of B a c i J J u s t h u r i n g i e n s i s .

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