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By Georg Groddeck

The booklet Of The It (1923) is a key textual content within the background of psychoanalytical inspiration and the research of human sexual compulsion. Georg Groddeck posits the "It" because the subconscious strength that drives human habit and underpins its poles of appeal and revulsion, status because the root resource of actual sickness. It used to be this proposal that Freud could regulate into his notion of the identification, a primal calculus of intercourse and violence.

Georg Groddeck was once an suggest of self-healing, believing that spotting the "It" was once step one essential to knowing human disease. He defines a region of blood, physically excretion, mutilation, nightmare and psychosexual disorder to bare the main hidden recesses of the human psyche.

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For years she has sat in her room alone, living on her hatred for all mankind, seeing no one, spurning, hating. To return to my own story: the nurse finally arrived and stayed in our home for three years. Have you ever pondered over the experiences of a baby who is fed by a wet nurse? The matter is somewhat complicated, at least if the child has a loving mother. On the one hand, there is that mother in whose body the baby has lain for nine months, carefree, warm, in undisturbed enjoyment. Should he not love her?

The tooth is the child of the mouth, the mouth is the womb in which it grows, just as the foetus grows within the mother's body. You must know how strongly rooted is this symbol in men's minds, for how else could they have arrived at the terms "vulvae" (German: Schamlippen) and "os uteri"? Toothache, then, is the unconscious desire that the germ of the child shall sicken, shall die. What is my evidence? Well, among other things-for there are many clues to such knowledge-this, that vomiting and toothache disappear when one brings the mother to realize her unconscious desire for the child's death.

These are quite common. The most striking sign of pregnancy is the enlarged stomach. What do you think about my idea, expressed before, that an enlarged stomach betokens the appearance of pregnancy even in the case of a man? Indisputably he carries no child in his body. But his It creates the swollen stomach by means of eating, drinking, flatulency or whatnot, because it wishes to be pregnant, and accordingly believes itself to be so. There are symbolic pregnancies and symbolic births, which arise from the unconscious and persist for a longer or a shorter time, but disappear without fail when the unconscious stimuli of this symbolic expression are revealed.

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